Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Joker

No one knows what lies

What lies beyond that grin...

Marks reveal darkness

As believed since the Joker

Had strike

An ugly gruesome face

With a far more attrocious inside

Cold words slit

With slashing strokes

Painting red all around

Always found that the

Pitch emerald masks

Will condense into frozen

Death Eaters

Save one grin

This revealed only,

Only a tear!!!

[for ' The Man Who Loved']

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Romantic Lady

The ‘Nightingale’s’ song had always enchanted me

The 'Daffodils’ flashed upon my eyes

everytime I embrace solitude lying on the couch

The ‘Cloud’ taught me how life can be moulded accordingly

And tears of melancholy floods me

Whenever I listen to the ‘Solitary Reaper’

Oh Romantics! Thou have taught me

to love, to cry, to sing, to dance with the daffodils

United me with the mother – the Nature

You are always a constant companion

When I was the lonely dame

Crying for her demon lover

Or the ‘dearest Maiden’ who went for ‘Nutting’

The chasms of Xanadu fascinates

My ‘Little Lucy’ who shines alone

Like ‘a violet by the mossy stone’

She wonders why is it only the Romantics

Who always enlightens her

Only They blessed her to pick up her pen

And gave her the answer to ‘Who Is She?’

I re-winded up and traveled a few years back in my life

And saw…


the little me,

Standing amidst the thick forest of bamboos

Strolling down the grass, the meadow

Chasing the fluttering butterflies, dragonflies

Catching tadpoles

Digging snake holes to find baby serpents

Embracing the friendly cow

Playing with her horns and tail

That me was,

Chased by a calf,

The giant lizard

And was kicked by the black goat

When she had caught it


Sitting on the mango tree

Having the fruit in delight

On a hot humid afternoon

When everyone is engrossed in their nap

Everyone, except

The grey haired Woman draped in white saree…

She watches her priceless granddaughter

On the tree from her window

Her eyes glitter with joy and tears…

Tears of joy

Now, she still smiles

Through her celluloid portrait

Her eyes still sparkling

Looking at my tearful eyes

[for Someone whom i love even more than my Ma]

Sunday, August 29, 2010


The cross roads keep appearing

And every time they change the path

Which life is accustomed to walk

Decisions are the most difficult part

You never know what lies on the tracks

And finally where will they take you

May be some destined to golden land

Where glittering shades captures the canvas

Or into dark deep dungeons

Where one is meant to rot forever

There is no turning back

The motion can never be paused

If I choose to trod down the one most traveled

I will be lost in the crowd

But if the one less traveled

The woods will gulp me down.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Or an intelligent


What should I call you my love?


They are so beautiful!

And are so useful

With them it is so easy

To gain trust.

But didn’t you ever wonder love

That masks don’t stay forever?


A very strong bond

This fills one with hope

But actually turns out as dope.

The hope asked me to jump

And told me that

It is the gateway to fly

So did I

Because I had a lust

To have wings.

But I fell

Into hell.

Where was your trust dear?

Where did it go

When the devil raped me?

Your words pushed me off the cliff

And made me realize

Trust is your best mask.

My soft bones are broken now

The damage is beyond repair

Still I can breathe

And can see you behind

The mask.

But you cannot see me now

And my mask is my skin

The Joker is the stranger

The Joker always smiles

No one knows what lies

What lies beyond that grin!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


[highly infuenced by the solar eclipse occured on 15.01.2010]

He shines alone
Bright and bold
Stands above everyone
He has enormous power
And tremendous strength
He has the capability
To move the universe
He is unconquerable
He rules independent
No one has the courage
To face him.

Yet the soft lady
Dares to come in his path
And for a very little time
Manages to wrap the King
Into immense darkness.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Destiny’s Destination

She walks slowly down the dark lane

The lane leading somewhere

To a destination she is unaware of

She never stops but goes on and on

Hoping that the light of the Pearl

Will remain wit her forever

She remembers once this lane was different

It was bright and dazzling

Crowded with people and smiles

The colour was green and there was

Laughter embracing everyone

Now it is only deep dark leading more gloom

Only silence pervades around

Where is everyone she wonders

But she finds none so she goes alone

Life is an unavoidable road always in motion

Exactly like the meeting and parting of tracks

A lonely train traveling down an eternal tunnel

She craves for light but finds none

The mysterious devil somber dead dark overpowers her

She finds sleep at last

Friday, August 7, 2009


If you never have it
Then you will never know
What it is

Once you have it
You feel you are above all
And a pleasure overpowers you

You are lost
And do not know
How to find yourself

But once the anesthesia
Leaves you
You will bump back on earth

Then your heart will crave
For more and more
You want it once again

You will want the cloud
To overpower you
So that you can again be lost

Lost forever in eternity
And never come down to earth
But stay there

But if you cannot get it
You will burn
Down in ashes

You will crave for more
More and even more
But will get it no more